Aira Force
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The information building at the beginning of the walk round Aira Force.

Aira Force is on the A592 road between Pooley Bridge and Glenridding on the west
 side of Ullswater. It's a steep walk in parts and takes about a hour and a half to 
do at a very leisurely pace. Due to the fact that some of the paths are near the stream,
 it can be a bit muddy, especially just after rain.

The National Trust takes care of the area and the car park is a National Trust car park.
       (Free to N.T. members.)


            Crossing the first bridge...                                the view either side of the bridge.


That's the bridge, taken from the top of the first climb...

The top of the water fall, not much water today as there hasn't been any rain for nearly 3 weeks. (Believe it or not)

           The pool, about 60 feet below...                  

and the bridge at the bottom of the pool... 

Looking up at the bridge from the footpath around the pool...
and the narrow gully that funnels the water from the pool and away
down stream to the bridge in the fifth photo. Now back to the cafe for a cuppa...

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