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In Grote Markt, (Great Market) Antwerp, are the Guild houses and the Brabo statue/fountain.
The Guild houses are adorned with gilt statues that reflect the former inhabitants
of the buildings.The Brabo statue/fountain was made by Jef Lambeaux in 1887 and
depicts a Roman soldier, Silvius Brabo, who according to legend killed a giant named 
Antigoon who terrorized the ships that came up the river Schelde. Antigoon would
charge massive tolls for the ships to enter the city. If the crew didn't pay up, he would
 cut off their hands. Silvious Brabo somehow managed to cut off Antigoon's head and one
 hand, then he threw the hand into the river. The severed hand can be seen in the right 
hand of the statue, ready to be thrown into the river Schelde. This symbolises the free
 passage of shipping up the river.
 There are many wonderful buildings and statues in Antwerp, this page shows just a
few of them. If you are looking for shops, there are thousands of them here in the city.

Antwerp lies approx. 28 miles north of Brussels. From Brussels, take the A1 or A12 road
direct to Antwerp. Either road will take you straight into Antwerp. From Ostend, you can
take the A10 road towards Brussels, then just south of Ghent, turn left onto the A14 road.
 This route is approx. 76 miles.

Also in  Grote Markt is this magnificent building, the Town hall.
Far too big to get in one photo.(even with a wide angle lens)

 The three shields on the front of the Town Hall are, on the left, the Duchy of Brabant,
 in the centre, the Spanish King Philip 2nd and on the right, Markgrave of Antwerp.

How about this for a wonderfully fronted chocolate shop?

Or this for a superb corner statue?

Trams and cars do battle for right of way on the city roads. The trams always win!

These horses take their time but still arrive on time.

Our Lady's Cathedral. A massive building just off Groen Plaats. (Green Square)
The building started as a church about 1352 and after various additions
changed from a church to a Cathedral in 1559.

  In Groen Plaats is the Hilton Hotel and shopping plaza.

On the bank of the river Schelde is The Steen.

One of the barges in the Navigation Museum.

The Paul Rubens statue in Groen Plaats

and David Teniers statue in The Meir

The inside of the main railway station.

The entrance to the main railway station.

The main railway station is known as "The cathedral station" because of it's likeness to a cathedral.
If any building in Antwerp is worth a visit, this is it. Don't miss this one! The Steen was built in the 13th century. In 1520 it was renovated and had various uses until 1549. From 1549 until 1823 it was used as a prison. Then from 1862 it was the Archeological Museum. It was renovated again in 1890. Since 1952 it has been the National Navigation Museum.

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