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The main water front.
Bowness-on-Windermere, Cumbria, is located on the shores of Windermere.
You can get a boat ride from here to any of the places of interest around the lake.
A very popular place all year round with the tourists.

 Further along the waterfront are more piers and more cruises available,
the main destinations from Bowness are Ambleside and Lakeside.

While the swans and ducks get fedby the visitors, the MV Teal arrives from Ambleside.


The Teal approaches the pier beforereversing around the pier end to it's mooring point.

This is a well practiced manounuver. It's done like this to allow the boat to depart the pier forwards. No doubt for safety reasons

The Lake View pub & restaurant is a good place to relax for a while
and you get a great view of the lake from the elevated windows.

Pier number 1 is the main pier for
 Ambleside and Lakeside.

This is the view as the boat leaves the pier. The big building in the background is the Belsfield Hotel.

The rear of the Lake View, from there you can see right down the lake towards Ambleside.

These boat houses are completely obscured from the road as you drive round the lake side to the main car parks.

Although this was a very cloudy day there were some sunny periods.

This photograph reminds me of the Johnny Cash song about Ireland, "The 40 shades of green."

This guy on the jet ski entertained us nearly all the way from Bowness to Lakeside.

The Teal on the return trip from Lakeside to Bowness.

As we dock at Lakeside, the Haverthwaite - Lakeside steam train
arrives for passengers to board the boat (named Tern) we arrived on,
for the return trip to Bowness. 

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