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This is a quaint old chocolate shop in the city of Bruges. 

Bruges is a beautiful city with many museums, churches, cathedrals, quaint old streets,
parks and canals to visit.Bruges lies approx. 20 miles southeast of Ostend.
From Ostend, take the A10 road towards Bruges,continue until exit 7,
leave the A10 here and continue on the N397 towards Bruges, pick up the R30 ring road.

From Zeebrugge, you can take the N31 road towards Bruges, continue until you come
 to the N371 turn off, leave the N31 here and follow the N371 until you come to the R30 ring road.
This route is approx. 11 miles. Both routes are very well sign posted.

Four pictures of artwork around the fountain

Three forms of transport for getting around Bruges. City taxi, horse drawn taxi and water taxi

Three canals...take a water taxi and see them all on one of many boat tours

The Tourist Information Office is situated in the Burg, a square that used to be the centre of Bruges,

On the wall of the building opposite the Tourist Information office is this coat of arms. You can see it as you approach the arch that leads to the fish market.

These lamps and the lion sculpture adorn each side of the steps up
to the Government Palace in the Market square.


The coat of arms mentioned above can be seen in this picture above the door next to the arch leading to the fish market..

This picture shows the other side of the arch leading from the fish market to the Burg square.

The fish market is a very busy place on market days but it wasn't open on the day I was there.

The fish market coat of arms can be seen on the wall above the door of the fish market admin. building.


 The fish market admin. building. 

Frank Van Acker 1929 - 1992 was once
Mayor of Bruges.

Jan Van Eyck 1390 - 1441 famous
for his art work.

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