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A look up river over the roof tops of the town.
  Fowey is located on the west bank of the River Fowey about 10 miles east of
St. Austell on the south coast.  By car the easiest way to the town is to take the A3082
road from the A390 road and just follow the A3082 direct to the town main car park.
 From the car park it's just 5 minutes walk to the town.

For Fowey Tourist Information Centre call: 01726 833616 

Fowey is probably best known for it's sea faring history and is
a very popular holiday spot during the summer months.

Three views of Polruan which is on the east side of the estuary. 
A passenger ferry operates between Fowey and Polruan and a car ferry operates further
 up river between Fowey and Bodinnick. Both only take a few minutes each way. 
The war memorial in the grounds of St. Fimbarrus, Fowey Parish church. 
St. Fimbarrus church. 

 The streets of Fowey are very narrow...
making it very tight for vehicles, especially during the holiday periods. 

Looking straight out to sea through the mouth of the River Fowey.
  Polruan on the left and Fowey on the right. 
Four views up river, taken from the Esplanade and the river side.  

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