About Us

www.haveyoubeenhere.co.uk started from the question “what can I do to fill my time in when I retire?” I had been playing about on computers for years and had two good digital cameras. I taught myself HTML coding and designed my first website. I changed it several times until I was happy with it, then I found Microsoft Frontpage web design program and I haven’t needed to write HTML coding since then. I have since then moved on to NetObjects Fusion web design program. My latest creation has been built using Worpress. Combining my interest with computers, cameras and photography gives me the opportunity to work on the website.
I hope you find the photo’s and information interesting and informative.

All photo’s on the web site are copyright www.haveyoubeenhere.co.uk If you would like to copy any photo on the web site please do so but if you use any photo on a web site, please give a mention to or put a link in to www.haveyoubeenhere.co.uk