Redcar Beacon

 The centre piece of the £75 million regeneration plan of Redcar town by the Redcar and Cleveland Council. The “Vertical Pier” as it was originally called by the council was renamed The Beacon after a vote on names suggested by the local public. The Beacon cost £1.8 million to build and is 80 feet high. It is easily climbed via the stairs but there is also a lift all the way to the top level. There are seven levels each with a viewing balcony overlooking the promenade to the north and south and out to sea. Entry to The Beacon is free! It’s well worth a ride to the top on a clear day.  There is protection from the wind at the top level but hang on to your hat!
Redcar is located on the north-east coast of England approx. 3 miles south of the River Tees and the South Gare. Between Redcar and Saltburn by the sea there are approx. 6 miles of flat golden sand.

Listen to ZETLAND 105FM: Redcar & Clevelands own radio station.
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On the left, Sinterlation. A sculpture by Ian Randall. Located near the boating lake, close to Majuba Road car park. On the right, Lifelines. A sculpture by Ian Randall.  Located opposite the Lifeboat house.       

During the summer months these donkeys take the children
for rides along the beach near the Beacon.


The anchor and plaque are a memorial to 13 of the 15 crew who perished
onboard the Birger that struck Saltscar rock on 18th October 1898

The oldest lifeboat in the world.
Arrived at
Redcar on October 7th 1802,
built by Harry 
Greathead of South Shields
and made her first rescue 
December 6th of the same year.
The new inshore RIB lifeboat. This is the
largest of two boats on station now at redcar
A tribute to Dr. Mo Molam, MP for Redcar
1987-2001. Secretary of State for Northern
Ireland and instrumental in the signing of
the Good Friday Peace Agreement in 1998.
The new Tunedin! building near to
the boating lake.This building is a new
media and performing arts centre
on Majuba Road. It’s a place for young
people to enjoyleisure and learning
opertunities. It includes a recording
studio, radio studio, arts and crafts room,
media suite and a cafe.

The Regent cinema where the Premier of the film Atonement took place. The part of the film filmed at Redcar was supposed to be on the beach at Dunkirk, France during world war 2.

A tribute to the making of the Atonement film.
The buildings in the background featured in
the film staring Keira Knightley and James McAvoy
The steelworks that also featured towards
the end of the film are now closed down.
The off-shore windfarm. For more
photos and info. regarding the
installation of the turbines click
on the offshore windfarm button.
Who said it was cold in Redcar? We have
penguins all year round. Located near the
Sinterlation sculpture


The Palace Hub. Built on the site of the Palace
Cinema. Provides a facility for new small
creative businesses in the area.
On the new walkway along the sea wall.
A number of shelters and “spouting” jets of
water. Children love this area.

Along the new sea wall are steps and seats as in these photos

A typical Yorkshire Coble. Not many left now,
they are being replaced by GRP boats.
The sea side of the new wall. The concrete
steps help to break up the waves before they
hit the new sea wall.

If you park your car on Majuba Road car park and walk towards Marske, past the Park Hotel  along the newly constructed sea wall you get some lovely views of the beach and away in the distance to Marske, Saltburn and Huntcliffe.
On the way back to the town you get a good view of the 27 new wind turbines out in Tees bay.  walk the whole length of the sea wall and back, it’s as near to 4 miles as you can get.

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