Redcar Offshore wind farm

The photo taken one sunny afternoon in March 2012.
The start of drilling for the turbine bases.

For more information on this project click on the following link:

A few bits of information regarding the Redcar project: EDF is the energy company in charge.
There are to be 27 wind turbines, in three rows. The closest to shore is approx.1.5 kilometers.

The turbines are manufactured and installed by German company Siemens and the seabed foundations and underwater cabling will be done by Dutch based company Van Oord.

Each turbine will be able to produce 2.3 MW of electricity and the total windfarm output
should supply electricity to approx. 40,000 homes in the Redcar and Cleveland area.

The turbines start generating electricity at a wind speed of 3.5 metres per second with a maximum output being reached at a wind speed of 14 metres per second. When the wind speed reaches 25 metres per second, the turbine shuts down automatically.

The jack up barge installing more bases.

Starting to install turbine masts

For those of you more interested in the jack-up barge:
Name: MPI Adventure. General Information: Built in 2011, Vessel size 138 metres long
x 39 metres wide. Gross tonnage 19533 T, Dead weight 20739 T,
Jack-up legs 6 each, Max. operating draft 5.5 metres, Transit speed 12 knots,
Main crane hoist max. lift 1000 Te @ 25 metre radius
Main crane aux. hoist max. lift 160 Te @ 70 metres radius
Aux. crane max. lift 50 Te @ 25 metres radius.

Well on the way now

June 2nd 2013. Well, it’s taken a long time but yesterday the 27th and final wind turbine was fully installed at Redcar. Wow! June 4th. The installation barge has now gone off somewhere else and the bay looks full of white windmills. I can’t make my mind up whether I like the look of the bay or not but never the less, they are here to stay. (or until someone decides they are just a waste of money)

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