The upper harbour with St. Mary’s church and the Abbey ruins on the cliff top.

Whitby is located approx. 20 miles north of Scarborough and 20 miles south of
Saltburn-by-the-sea. The town is well known for it’s fishing, kippers, crabs,
 Captain James Cook, Endeavour and Dracula.

The inner and upper harbour, with the swing bridge spanning the river Esk at the narrowest point. The swing bridge opens to let boats pass from the main harbour to the inner harbour and vice versa The two sections pivot to open the bridge. The bridge is the only way of crossing the harbour in the town. Traffic can only go one way at a time so it’s controlled by traffic lights at either side.

The first bridge across the Esk was opened in 1351. The first swing bridge was opened in 1835
and lasted until 1908 when the current bridge was opened at a cost of £22,582.
The minimum distance between the columns had to be 100 feet to allow for the largest
ships using the harbour at the time.

The harbour entrance.
The two lighthouses mark the narrowest part of the passage.

On the east side of the town lies the old market place and near that is the famous Lucky Duck shop.
A fantastic place for a browse and watch delicate items being hand made from glass.

Step inside and get the “Dracula experience” if you dare.
Get the ultimate love bite on your neck…

The Magpie Cafe. Famous for it’s
fish and chips, they are superb!
Trenchers. Also famous for it’s
 fish and chips, again, superb!
This is the place where the famous Whitby kippers are smoked… And to prove it, here is the smoke from the smoking shed…

If you like kippers, they don’t come any better than this! 
Fortunes “Whitby cured kippers” are world famous.

The bottom of the 199 steps that lead to the top of the cliff, St. Mary’s church and the abbey. If you want to get fit, walk up and down these 2 or 3 times a day. This narrow, cobbled street leads from the bottom of the 199 steps back to the town and if you have been up and back down the 199 steps, you have earned a cuppa at one of the small cafe’s.
 A bronze statue of Captain James Cook
stands on the west cliff and looks out over
the harbour from where he sailed on
his many voyages of discovery.
This pair of lower jaw bones from
a Bowhead or Right whale were
presented to the town by
the citizens of Anchorage, Alaska,
in 2002 to replace the previous
pair that had stood here since 1964.
The original ones were presented to the town
by Tor Hiadahl of the “Kon Tiki” expedition.

This is a full size replica of the Endeavour. The ship that Captain James Cook sailed from Whitby on his voyages of discovery. The Endeavour used to visit Whitby at various times and berthed at the Endeavour Wharf. The Endeavour arrived at Whitby on March 31st 2004
for the last time. After that visit, it sailed to Australia and now visits places there.

There is a mini version of the ship at Whitby that takes would be sailors around the bay.
Go on, be an explorer for an hour.
A full size replica of the Endeavour is coming to Whitby sometime in 2018.
The date will be posted here as soon as possible. Watch this space.

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