The harbour on Capri.

Two views of Capri from the harbour.

Five views from the top of the island after taking the chair lift up from Anacapri.
You need a very clear day to get good photos from up here…

Make sure you have a coat with you because it gets chilly up here
even when it’s 35 deg C down at sea level.

On the chairlift going back down to Anacapri.
The chairs are approx. 20 feet above ground, just enough
to cause a sharp intake of breath when the chair leaves the top.
The rides takes 12 minutes up and 12 minutes down.

The quiet streets of Anacapri

Get away from the main shopping area and it’s lovely and quiet

How’s this for a seat? This is a set of steps to be proud of 


Spectacular cliffs and buildings that look as though they are glued onto the rocks.

It seems as though everyone builds their house higher up to get a better view

 More spectacular views out over the sea

There’s plenty to see in the harbour with boats coming and going all the time.

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