A general view of the Cathedral and the “leaning”tower. The official name of the tower is “The Hanging Tower”. The building of the Cathedral was started in 1063.

The Hanging Tower. Bulding started in
1174. It’s over 15 metres in diameter
and it’s over 56 metres high.

The Baptistry. Building started in 1153.
It’s over 35 metres in diameter and 55
metres high.

In the foreground is the Baptistry, then the Cathedral, then the Tower.

Inside the cathedral are some fantastic paintings and sculptures, below are just a small sample. The lighting in the cathedral is very dim so some of the photo’s are not to clear.

A section of the roof. Three figured sculpture 
Circular pulpit by Giovanni Pisano  The arch over the alter 
 One of the alters  Another of the alters
 Wall paintings near the alter  Another alter

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