Rome 2

The Palace of Justice. (Palazzo Di Giustizia)

In the Piazza Novona, the Fountain of Four Rivers. (Fontana Dei Quattro Fiumo)
The four rivers represented are Nile, Ganges, Danube and Rio Della Plata.
The fountain was built between 1647 and 1651. This is just one of three fountains in Piazza Novona.

The Moor Fountain. (Fontana Del Moro).
This fountain was also built by Giacomo
Della Porto around the same time as the
Neptune Fountain.

The Neptune Fountain. (Fontana Di Nettuno)
Built in 1576 by Giacomo Della Porta.

The Colosseum, Vespaian started
building in 71 AD and it was opened
10 years later by Titus.The building
could hold 70,000 spectators.

The three columns on the left are
from the Temple of Vespasian,
building started in the
1st century. The arch in the
centre is the Arch of Septimus
Severus, building started in 203 AD.

The columns in the centre are from
the Temple of Saturn, the ruins date back
to 42 BC
The small columns that run from front to
back of the picture in the “garden” are
from the Basilica Julia, building started
in 54 BC. The three tall columns at the
back are from the Temple of Castor and
Pollux, building started in 484 AD

The ruins in the above four pictures are in an area called Forum Romanum this was the centre of the Roman city.

Inside the Vatican City, St. Peter’s Square

The raised rostrum where the Pope speaks to the masses in the square

St. Peter’s Basilica.

The Vatican Guard

Just one of many beautiful arches


There are many sculptures in here, all of them fantastic!

The atmosphere in here is just wonderful

One of the floor air duct grates.


More beautiful arches.

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