Falkirk Wheel

The Falkirk Wheel. What a fantastic piece of engineering.
The Falkirk Wheel is located on the south west side of the town. It is probably best accessed as follows: From the Edinburgh area, follow the M9 towards Stirling, turn off the M9 at junction 8 and follow the brown/white signs for “Falkirk Wheel”.  From the Glasgow area, follow the M80/A80 and follow the brown/white signs for “Falkirk Wheel”.

The wheel and visitors centre…
The picnic and children’s activities area  

Years ago, it took a series of 11 locks to connect the Forth & Clyde Canal, running from Glasgow, to Edinburgh’s Union Canal. Now there are only two locks at the top and one lock at the bottom with the wheel between them.

Starting from the top left picture and ending at the bottom right picture, the wheel has done
half of one revolution in an anti-clockwise direction. This movement takes 4 1/2 minutes.
The height between the top and bottom positions is 35 metres or 115 feet.

One of the boats going through “The Pinch”.
This is the narrowest section on the canal. If your boat will pass through “The Pinch”,
it will safely pass through all the narrow places on the canal.

After negotiating “The Pinch”, you travel through
the Roughcastle tunnel. Don’t worry it’s not dark.

Once through Roughcastle tunnel, you see
this wooden hut. The hut has a visitor every
year just before Christmas and he’ll be back
this year too if the sign is correct.

We’ll be here Santa !

Entering the Roughcastle tunnel on the return journey… 

The light at the end of the tunnel

 The top two sets of locks need to be negotiated prior to

Finally joining the Union Canal at the top.

The arches of the aqueduct leading on to the
wheel at the top level.
Just hope the boat stops before the end

Once you are off the wheel in the lower basin

You need to negotiate the lock below the wheel prior to joining the Forth & Clyde Canal. 

Which ever way you go, it’s a great experience.

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