John O’Groats

This is what most people want to see… the sign.

John O’ Groats is located in Scotland and is the most northerly
point on the UK mainland. Apart from the Orkney and Shetland isles,
the next stop is Iceland.

Looking West towards Thurso

Looking North towards the island of Stroma 

Looking East towards Norway

 The harbour is just big enough for the ferry and a few small boats and the ferry leaving John O’ Groats, heading for the islands.

John O’ Groats is a small community, a couple of hotels, a garage,
visitor attractions, the harbour and the tourist office.

Heading south from John O’ Groats on the A9 and
looking back, you can see the islands of Stroma ( the nearest )
then  Hoy and in the background you can just see the western
tip of the main island of the Orkney Island group.

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