The High Street in a very pleasant and picturesque town.

Pitlochry is approx. 30 miles north if Perth,  just off the A9 road and located near to the River Tummel. Running just about parallel to the High Street, the River Tummel has been dammed and a hydro-electric generating plant and fish ladder installed.This is all well worth a visit, along with the gardens, river side walks and theatre. Just follow the signs from the main town car park

A close up of the plaque that
can be seen
just in front of the
generator blade in the

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An ex-generator blade now on show
in the garden

Wee Jimmy” stands guard over the generator blade.

The Old Armoury Restaurant at the top of
the road leading down to the river and dam.

The view from the gardens looking down
to the dam.

Standing on top of the dam looking
down stream, The River Tummel

Standing on top of the dam looking up stream

The dam and part of the generator house.
 Part of the fish ladder can be seen
in the foreground.

The fish ladder from the top of the dam.

Looking down the fish ladder,
approx 10 chambers

From the same place, looking up the
 fish ladder approx 4 chambers.

In the second from top chamber there is an inspection window (underground)
where you can watch the Salmon resting prior to the final surge up into the loch above the dam.

This fantastic looking theatre over-looks
 the river just below the dam.

These cottages are on the river bank just
up the road from the theatre.

The war memorial at the entrance to the gardens.

The main arrangement in the gardens. 

Two of the many flower boxes that can be seen throughout the town

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