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The author of the book "Dracula" was Bram Stoker, born in Dublin on 8th of November 1847. He used to holiday in Whitby every year because he could relax there and he got inspiration for his books. In the original book, Dracula, in the form of a black dog, came to England on a ship that berthed at Whitby. He left the ship as a dog and returned to his usual form of Dracula, the vampire.

Bram Stoker died in 1912. He wrote numerous books but Dracula was the most famous of them all

Every Saturday night in Whitby, you can live the Dracula experience by dressing up as a vampire, ghoul or any other of the sinister characters out of the Dracula book. You can also go on a guided tour of the places Dracula visited in Whitby. It's quite an experience !  You have been warned.


At the Dracula Experience on the quay side, you are invited to “Step inside for the Dracula experience”. Go on, give it a go!

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