Endeavour at Whitby
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Endeavour at anchor copy

In the early morning mist, Endeavour lies at anchor just off Sandsend.

The Endeavour paid another visit to Whitby on March 31st to April 5th 2004.
This time H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh inspected the ship and all on board were dressed as the crew would have been in Captain James Cooks' time. The morning was chilly, the wind was light, from the southeast and it was very misty, the sun did manage to push through the clouds and mist for a short time You can tell by some of the photo's how misty it was... 

The "mini" version of the Endeavour sets out from Whitby harbour
 to welcome the full size version. 

The full size Endeavour heads for the River Esk entrance
 lead by the "mini" version and followed by a small flotilla of local boats.

The "mini" Endeavour leads the way through the harbour entrance.

Cannons blazing, the Endeavour enters the harbour.
 A cannon on shore returns fire and every sea gull in Whitby takes to the air

Endeavour returns the fire again and the smoke
billows out over the crowd of sight seers. 

The Swing bridge open, a  very careful hand  is required
on the wheel to guide Endeavour through the narrow gap.

Safely through the bridge, turn right (starboard)
and into the berth at Endeavour Wharf.


Securely tied up and open to the public for a few days,
then off to Holland for a four week stay.

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