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The Liberation Statue in Liberation Square, St. Helier.
Jersey by far the largest of the Channel Islands, was occupied by the Germans from July 1st 1940 to May 9th 1945


Elizabeth Castle.
Approx. 1 mile off shore at St. Helier.
Built on an island over 300 years ago.
At low tide there is a causeway that you can walk out on from the shore to the castle but if you can’t wait, get the water taxi...


Don’t panic, it’s safe as houses. (So they tell me)

Elizabeth Marina. St. Helier.
Opened by H.R.H. Prince Andrew in 1998.
The marina has 564 berths and can accommodate boats up to 74ft in length.

When I was there, I watched Grey Mullet about 3 feet long swimming about and just
enjoying the sun and the warm water.

The Freedom Tree.
Unvailed by H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth ll on May9th 2005 which
was the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Jersey.
It has 30 leaves and 12 acorns, one for each parish of Jersey.
The tree is made of bronze and stands 20ft high. It stands on the walkway about the marina. 


This fountain is just part of a large water feature and a maze. It’s located between the main road and the marina.


This train runs along the track that was used by the steam railway
in years gone by. It runs from St. Helier to St. Aubin and back
about every 30 minutes.


The entrance to Howard Davis Park in St. Helier.
This is were the big open air concerts take place in the summer season. (Kathrin Jenkins & Will Young in 2010)


The five photos above are: top left, the Howard Davis Memorial Hall
top right, the stage for the open air concerts, centre, the summer house
bottom left and bottom right, entrance to the gardens.
There are some very nice gardens to walk through, a cafe and a grave yard where some of the
crew members of ships that were sunk during the world war two are buried.

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