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The Glass Church


St. Matthew’s Church, Millbrook, St. Aubins.
This church is known as “The Glass Church” because of all the beautiful glass
 windows, doors, lights etc.



The font at the back of the church.

In the entrance.


A light on the wall

One of a pair of doors


Windows on the outside wall

A light set into an small alcove


The alter in the Lady Chapel

The top of the cross above the main alter

A very brief history of the Glass Church.
Jesse Boot, the first Lord Trent, founder of the Boots Chemist Chain and Lady Florence Boot lived nearby the church at Villa Millbrook when the church was quite run down. They both worshipped at the church every weekend and when Jesse died, Lady Boot asked Rene Lalique, who had a villa in France close to the Boot family home if he would look into the job of refurbishing the church. This he agreed to do and asked a friend of his A. B. Grayson, an architect to come up with some ideas for the refurbishment. The refurbishment was completed and the church dedicated in September 1934. The cross behind the alter is 4 metres high and the pillars at each side are 3 metres high. They are all internally illuminated.
If you are in the St. Aubins bay area the church is well worth a visit but it’s closed on a Saturday afternoon for cleaning in preparation for the Sunday services.

St. Aubins bay sand racing.


Sand racing is very popular and usually takes place on a Saturday afternoon when the tide is out. St. Aubins bay is the place. Both cars and motor cycles take part. The youngest group are the 6 to 8 year olds on the bikes, they are fearless and very competitive

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