Mount Vesuvius
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Mount Vesuvius as seen across the Bay of Naples from
Via Francesco Caracciolo, Naples.

Mount Vesuvius is located south east of Naples in the Vesuvius National Park area which was formed in 1995. The most famous eruption of the volcano happened on August 24th 79AD and destroyed the cities of Herculaneum, Stabiae and Pompeii. Pompeii was totally destroyed and the others covered by ash and mud.


If you want to go to the crater rim, you can walk from the car park area (8 euro charge) where there are shops and toilets. It’s about 200 metres (vertical height) to the top and you should allow approx.30 minutes walking at a steady pace to reach the top and the same on the way down. The path is wide and the surface is ash. A decent pair of walking boots are advised. If it’s a cloudy day, be aware that it will be cold up there even if it’s warm at car park level and you won’t be able to see a thing from the top. On a clear day, it’s well worth the effort of the walk. There are shops and refreshments at the top but no toilets.




The grey strip running at the bottom of the hills is the solidified lava flow from the last eruption which happened in 1944




The picture on the right is looking to the north and the one on the left is looking south.
The area with houses Naples. It’s a big big area.




Two pictures showing the inside of the crater. There were just a few wisps of steam seeping out of the rock but none showed up on the photos.

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