North Berwick
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Just one of the many islands off the coast of North Berwick.

North Berwick is located approx.29 miles east of Edinburgh, right on the coast over looking the Firth of Forth. From the Edinburgh area, follow the A1 south and turn off onto the A198 to take the coast route or stay on the A1 and turn off onto the B1347 further south. From the south,follow the A1 north and turn off onto the A198or turn off onto the B1347 further north.


The main harbour looking from the entrance

The main harbour looking towards the entrance


The statue outside the Sea Life Centre


and the information plaque


The Sea Life Centre is well worth a visit. It’s free to entre, there is  a nice cafe and souveniers etc. On the numerous islands just off the coast, cameras have been set up and down below in the Sea Life Centre you can watch the seals and birds through the cameras on tv screens. There is and entry charge for access to this area.


I don’t think this boat has been used for quite some time

When the tide goes out, some of the local “old boys” sail their remote control boats in the lake on the beach


The harbour wall runs along to the lookout point

Looking west towards the golf course


From the lookout point, looking west

Front the lookout point, looking east


From the sea front, the lake,
Sea Life Centre and lake

From the sea front, Bass Rock

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