Pickering & NYMR
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This is what many people come to Pickering to see...steam trains.

 Pickering is located on the southern edge of the North Yorks. Moors National Park,approx. 18 miles west of Scarborough and 20 miles south of Whitby at the point where the A169 and the A170 roads cross. It's approx. 15 minutes drive from Flamingo Land at Kirby Misperton on the A169 and Eden Camp also on the A169 near Malton.

A monument in memory of Edward 7th and George 5th

The main shopping street

The church of St. Peter & St. Paul has some fantastic wall paintings inside.

The Garden of Peace in the church grounds. 

The church entrance with sun dial over the door.

A gargoil mounted over
a drain pipe.

A plaque in the
Garden of Peace.

Pickering station... one end of the North Yorks. Moors Railway line.
This is the line featured in the Heartbeat series on ITV.

The garden at the "end of the line"

The memorial plaque in the garden 

A station bench...note the serpents.

Lost luggage ? It's been here a long time. 

Waiting for a train...

here it is...right on time ! 

Two logos on the carriages

The Opal dining car.

The red carpet and flowers treatment.

The station is now deserted, the train has gone to...
Grosmont, the other end of the North Yorks. Moors Railway line.  

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