Redcar Windfarm
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The photo taken one sunny afternoon in March 2012

The jack-up drilling rig being used to drill the seabed rock ready for the bases of 
27 wind turbines which are to be erected just offshore at the Majuba Road area of Redcar.

This page is going to be dedicated to the progress and growth of the windfarm, not about all the other work going on in the town. I will produce a page on the town of Redcar after all the upgrading of Redcar is completed sometime in 2014...

For more information on this project click on the following link:

A few bits of information regarding the Redcar project: EDF is the energy company in charge.
There are to be 27 wind turbines, in three rows. The closest to shore is approx.1.5 kilometers.

The turbines are manufactured and installed by German company Siemens and the seabed foundations and underwater cabling will be done by Dutch based company Van Oord.

Each turbine will be able to produce 2.3 MW of electricity and the total windfarm output
should supply electricity to approx. 40,000 homes in the Redcar and Cleveland area.

The turbines start generating electricity at a wind speed of 3.5 metres per second with maximum output being reached at a wind speed of 14 metres per second. When the wind speed reaches 25 metres per second, the turbine shuts down automatically.

The drilling rig has been on site since late February 2012 and the windfarm is expected to be producing electricity by the end of 2012. On Wednesday May 2nd 2012, our local newspaper stated that 17 of the 27 bases have now been completed.

Update Friday June 29th 2012
The 27 bases have now been completed and preparations are in progress to start installing
the transition sections. The turbines are to be spaced as follows: 300 metres between each turbine
and 600 metres between each row.(Three rows of nine each)


Update Tuesday July 3rd. Two yellow transition posts have
been installed over the last two days. The markers for the
remaining 25 can be clearly seen.(maybe not on the picture
but definitely on the beach) The actual wind turbines will be installed
on the transition posts after all the posts have been installed. (watch this space)


Update July 18th. Six (6) transition posts are now installed.
Only 21 more to go...


Update August 18th. Nine transition posts now installed...


August 18th. Transition post number 10 ready to be installed


September 4th. Three transition posts in the second row have now been installed with two more on the rig ready to be installed.


Sept 22nd. All nine transition posts in the second row are now installed.


If you look carefully, you can see 18 transition posts. 
They aren’t easy to see but they are all there.


The next two posts are on this ship anchored out in the bay.
They will be the first two in the third and last row of nine to be installed.


October 9th. The first six of the transition posts in the third and last row have now been installed (the six on the right hand side of the picture) That leaves only three more to go and they will be completed. Then the top sections and the blades will be installed.(watch this space)

December 8th. Although I haven’t got a photo of the 27 transition posts in place, they are all in. I believe more underwater work is in progress and the top turbine sections are being assembled at Hartlepool. It will need calm conditions for the installation of the top sections offshore and with Christmas coming along...(watch this space (again)


January 5th 2013. This monster of a jack-up barge has been positioned and appears as though it’s ready to install the complete remaining sections and the blades. The scene at Majuba bay is going to look very different in the near future.

For those of you more interested in the jack-up barge:
Name: MPI Adventure. General Information: Built in 2011, Vessel size 138 metres long
 x 39 metres wide. Gross tonnage 19533 T, Dead weight 20739 T, 
Jack-up legs 6 each, Max. operating draft 5.5 metres, Transit speed 12 knots,
Main crane hoist max. lift 1000 Te @ 25 metre radius
Main crane aux. hoist max. lift 160 Te @ 70 metres radius
Aux. crane max. lift 50 Te @ 25 metres radius.


January 6th. The first of the turbine main posts was installed today under ideal conditions but the blades still have to be installed.


January 9th. The second turbine main post was installed yesterday, again under perfect conditions. Our local newspaper today stated that these two turbines will be completed, tested and put into service straight away. Each of the other turbines will be installed, tested and put into service as soon as they are ready. There will be no waiting until they are all completed before being put into service.


January 12th. Typical! Just 3 days after the last update stating that the first two posts were to have the blades fitted and put into service, another main post is installed. (So much for the local press) I’ve cropped this photo to show the two sets of blades already made up and ready for installation that are laid on the deck of the barge.


January 15th. There has been a fourth column and two sets of blades installed in the last three days between blizzards. This photo was taken between snow storms with the temperature at 1 degree C. (The light patch at the top right of the photo was the next snow storm)


January 23rd. Now 5 columns and 3 sets of blades have been installed. 
Below the 4th set of blades are on the barge deck ready for installation.


February 14th. Now five sets of blades have been installed on the inshore row
and one set on the middle row on the southern most post. Now we are waiting for
 more columns and blades.


February 23rd 2013. Above is the first column of the outer row (south end) being installed, below are the six columns, now installed, complete with blades on the inshore row.(South end)


February 23rd 2013. Above is a view of all three rows. Now we are beginning to see the vast area the wind farm covers. There are 600 metres between each row.


This photo taken February 24th. Bitter cold night and windy...brrrrrr.


April 20th. Not a lot of activity recently due to bad weather. Today the installation barge and another vessel turned up. The latest count is 6 installed on the inshore row, complete with blades. 4 installed complete with blades on both the centre row and the seaward row. Hopefully, with some decent weather, we should see some good progress in the near future.


May 27th 2013. Good progress. Now the outer seaward row is completed, the inner land side row is completed and there are 6 completely installed on the centre row. That leaves only
 three more to complete. Up to six at a time have been turning but I don’t know if they were being tested or actually generating electricity.


June 2nd 2013. Well, it’s taken a long time but yesterday the 27th and final wind turbine was fully installed at Redcar. Wow! June 4th. The installation barge has now gone off somewhere else and the bay looks full of white windmills. I can’t make my mind up whether I like the look of the bay or not but never the less, they are here to stay. (or until someone decides they are just a waste of money)

To see a short video clip of the completed wind turbine field click on this link Wind Turbines


This photo taken as the sun sets on a cloudy evening in April 2012

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