River Tees Shipping
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Some photo's of ships entering or leaving the River tees.
 All the photo's were taken from the South Gare.

The River Tees Pilot boat.
Without the services of the pilots and this boat, the ships would have
a hard time negotiating a safe passage in and out of the river. 

Henriette Maersk built in 1994
 Dead weight tonnage 23,267

 Northumbrian Water built in 1977  
      Dead weight tonnage 1,654 

Isargas built in 1991
  Dead weight tonnage 5,681 

Geest Merchant built in 1995
 Dead weight tonnage 3,916

Heortnesse built in 1979
 Dead weight tonnage 3,086 

Philine Shulte built in 19??
 Dead  weight tonnage 6,051

Stena Shipper built in 1980
 Dead weight tonnage 8,765 

Norking built in 1980
 Dead weight tonnage 11,400

Cape Pampas built in 1990
Dead weight tonnage 151,380

Iran Semnan built in 2000
 Dead weight tonnage 159,681 


Cardissa built in 1983
Dead weight tonnage 22,291

Cleveland County built 1973
Dead weight tonnage 1,739


Hanni built in 1998
Dead weight tonnage 6,867

Falcon built in 1991
Dead weight tonnage 2,225

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To see a short video clip of Cape Pampas being guided into the River Tees by tugs,
click on the picture.
To see a short clip of Norking, Philine Schulte, Heortnesse, Isargas, Cardissa, Northumbrian Water Geest Merchant, Cleveland County, Falcon or Hanni entering the River Tees,
 click on the relevant picture above.
To see a short clip of Iran Semnan leaving the River Tees, click on the picture.
To see a short clip of the Tees Pilot boat, click on the picture.

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