Miniature Railway
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Saltburn Miniature Railway is due to open for the 2019 season on Easter Sunday running 1pm-5pm. 

The engine, Prince Charles is the main operating engine, with George Outhwaite as back-up. Prince Charles was built in 1950 by H. Barlow and George Outhwaite was built in 1994 by the Saltburn Miniature Railway Association members and named after one of it's members. The railway is operated by railway enthusiasts. For more information about the Saltburn Miniature Railway and it's engines, see the official web site 

Back-up engine George Outhwaite


Another engine was purchased some years ago and has been completely refurbished.
 It is now in service. 2011 was Saltburn by the seas 150th birthday.
The name of the new engine? Saltburn 150. Very appropriate.

The train starts off from the station located near the car park...

runs along side the beck...

past the new brick engine shed...

along side the wood, to the other end of the line at Forest Halt.
 From here you can walk across the wooden bridge and on up to the
 actual "Valley Gardens"  where you can get a cup of tea etc.

The whistle blown, the flag waved, here they go on the return journey

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