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The famous Inveraray Jail.
(A link to the official Inveraray jail web site is on the Links page)

Inveraray is located on the A83 road, towards the Northern end of Loch Fyne
on the western shore where the southern end of Glen Shira comes down to the Loch.


The entrance to the main car park

Tourist Information Office

In the main car park, you will probably be "piped in" by this guy.


Opposite the Tourist Info. office is the war memorial.
Dedicated to the men from Inveraray that fell in the two World Wars
From the War memorial, two views of the bridge that carries the road over the river and
into the town. On the right hand picture can be seen, on top of the hill, the look-out tower
 for Inveraray Castle, owned by the Duke and Duchess of Argyle.

 Again from the War Memorial, looking to the right,
 a wonderful view up Loch Fyne to the north.

This 3 master is part of the Maritime Museum on the quay side.

Also, now at the museum, January 2012, is the once famous Vital Spark.
The Vital Spark featured in the BBC Scotland series(1965-1974)about a small steam powered
cargo boat or “puffer” that carried small goods from Glasgow to the islands
and other ports on the west coast of Scotland. The characters in the stories were:
Captain Para Handy (Roddy McMillan) Engineer Dan McPhail (John Greive)
Mate Dougie (Walter Carr) and Cook/deckhand Sunny Jim (Alex McAvoy)


Walking up the high street from the war
 memorial you see this building, it’s a church.
Notice the clock above the centre window.

At the other end of the building is another church. Notice the bell above the
centre window.

Built in about 1802, the building was split into two parts inside by a dividing wall.
One church is for English speaking people and the other is for Gaelic speaking people.
For more information on the churches/building, there is a link to the official church website
on the Links page.

There are a few shops and cafe's in the high street but the Loch Fyne Whiskies shop is a must. 


There are figures outside many of the shops


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