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The fountain in the bay at Jeddah reaches a height of approx. 100 metres.

Jeddah is located on the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia.
A fantastic city, with a wonderful mixture of ancient
and modern architecture. Jeddah is the main sea
 port on the west coast of Saudi Arabia.

The entrance to the Masadia Plaza shopping area car park

 On the Medina road, well outside the city centre, the Masadia Plaza is a great shopping centre.
From computers to perfume to washing machines, it's all here.

 These pictures was taken from the pedestrian bridge over the Medina road near the Masadia Plaza at  9 am on a Thursday morning.
The weekend being Thursday - Friday.  
The City Center building, on the Medina road, just over the road
from the Masadia Plaza. A fascinating building, there isn’t a
flat surface, one curve blends into another.

Downtown Jeddah. The National Commercial Bank building.
What a fantastic design! Triangular in shape, it stands way
above any building in the area. If you look at the "hole in the wall"
you will see trees growing. These trees are approx. 20 feet high.
The building is the same on the other two sides. The most interesting
building I have ever seen.

The Camel building. See the camels above the entrance. This building is in the heart
of Jeddah and is a masterpiece of glass work. It's glass on all four sides.  
Over the road from the Camel building is an "Aladdin's cave" of shops.
In this covered in area, there are literally hundreds of shops. There are
 gold shops, watch shops and perfume shops, from the cheapest to the most
 expensive. You name it, they have it.  

Fuddruckers! Casual dining! In the Herra Center. Try the Western omelette for
breakfast, you won't want anything else until well into the afternoon.
 It's an American style diner, selling American style food but it's great.
I wish we had them in the U.K.

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