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Fish in the main tank at the Aquarium.

Lakeside-on-Windermere is located at the southern end of Windermere,
approx. 3 miles from Newby Bridge. The water from Windermere runs out
into the river Leven, which flows down to Morecambe Bay.The two main attractions
at Lakeside are the stream railway that runs between Lakeside and  Haverthwaite
and the Aquarium. There is also a submarine that you can go down under the lake in.

The Aquarium tells the story of life on the river bank and in the water of the river
Leven as it winds it's way from Windermere to the sea at Morecambe bay.
There are live animals and fish shown in settings that are as near as possible to the
real thing as possible. My favourites were the otters and the fish.

The otters know when it's feeding time and go looking for the keeper,
then after feeding, it's time for a snooze or a game of "Hide and seek".  

These four pictures of fish were taken during a walk under the lake through a glass tube.  
The view from the quay at Lakeside up the lake towards Bowness.  
This is the M.V.Tern. Just one of the boats that ferry passengers
between Bowness-on-Windermere, Ambleside and Lakeside.

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