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Ostend promenade. Amandine. Once a trawler, now a museum.

This trawler is set in a "dry dock" in the promenade. You can go onboard and look around,
you can also walk underneath the boat and inspect the hull etc. Ostend is located on the Belgian
 coast and can be reached from the UK by ferry from either Ramsgate or Dover.

Ostend, being a port, has a large marina for private boats.

The Royal North Sea Yacht Club operates from here. Boats can be hired too.

The main railway station is only a couple of hundred metres from the ferry  berths,
so if you need a train after landing from the ferry you haven't got far to go. 

Four views of the Cathedral. A massive building.

The Post office...

and a close up of the Post office clock.


On the quay side stands this tribute to the
Canadian 29th Motor Torpedo Boat  Flotilla 

Not far from the monument is this large water feature.
 It really does help to make you feel cool on a hot day. 

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