Port Isaac
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The entrance channel to Port Isaac harbour.

Port Isaac, otherwise known as Port Wenn to the ITV 1 Doc Martin series viewers, is located on the North Cornwall coast. Probably the best way of getting there is to come from the north or south on the A39 and turn off near Wadebridge onto the B3314. Follow the B3314 until you come to the B3267 turn off on the left. Take the B3267 road right into Port Isaac. Once in Port Isaac, follow the car park sign and you will come across a tiered car park with excellent views over the sea and cliffs to the north of the town.

The harbour nestles well inside the two headlands giving excellent protection from the weather. Doc Martins surgery was in the small grey house set down from the large grey house just to the left of centre in the photo above. 

The lifeboat house can just be seen at the top of the slipway.

With the tide out, many people parked on the beach. Don't do it !  

The lifeboat house...

the Aquarium and village clock. 

The lane at the rear of the Aquarium that leads up to the Pottery and Doc Martins surgery.

All the streets are very
narrow down here.  

The house that is used as Doc Martins surgery...up the lane past the pottery.
The view from outside the "surgery" across the harbour. The large white building on the edge of the cliff is the village school in the Doc Martin series but is in fact an hotel and restaurant. 
 Port Isaac pottery...well worth a visit. Some very unusual designs in an unusual building.  

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