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South bay beach and Grand Hotel

Scarborough is located on the North East coast, on the A171 approx. 20 miles south of Whitby, on the A165 approx. 16 miles north of Bridlington, on the A64, approx. 40 miles north east of York. There are two large bays, both with a sandy beach. The north bay starts at Scalby Mills, where the Sea Life Centre is and runs down to just below the castle. The south bay starts with the harbour/marina and runs for miles down towards Filey.

The north bay looking north. The Sea Life Centre can be seen just right of centre, the white triangular buildings.

The north bay looking south, the castle on the cliff top and the skateboard park in the foreground. There is car parking all round the bay at the road side.

Peasholm Park is the main park at the North Bay, with boat rides on the lake, a good cafe and some very nice quiet areas where you can sit and think or just read your newspaper. In the summer months, battle re-enactments take place on and over the lake. With model ships and 'planes battling it out. 

The boating lake just over the road from Peasholm Park

The Dolphin arrangement just outside Peasholm Park on Columbus Ravine road. Sponsored by the Rotary Club.

Scalby Mills...

the Sea Life Centre

A large model of a train near the train station at near Peasholm Park

Triton. This train runs from a station near Peasholm Park to Scalby Mills and the Sea Life Centre 

The grave of Anne Bronte in the graveyard near St. Mary's church near Scarborough Castle

The coast guard office at the south end of the marine drive and the start of the harbour... 

Just one view of the harbour/marina.
Part of the castlewall can be seen along the top of the hill 

The new statue and plaque at the end of the pier under the lighthouse 

Go for a sea trip on the Coronia or the Regal Lady.There are also speed boat rides and fishing trips to be had from the harbour area. In the left hand photo above, the hill in the background
is Oliver's Mount where motor cycle races are held on numerous weekends during the summer months
See the "Links" page for a link to the official Oliver's Mount web site and the fixtures for 2019

A recent addition on the Marine Drive near the Peasholm Park end is this steel man.

Made entirely of steel, the statue was fabricated by artist Ray Lonsdale
and was purchased by a local lady so the statue would remain in Scarborough.

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