South Gare
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The South Gare lies at the mouth of the River Tees in Yorkshire.

The "Gare" , as it is know locally, is a large concrete pier  and forms the South side
 of the entrance to the River Tees. It's well used by local anglers, especially during the winter, when good sized Cod and Whiting are caught. The only access by road, is from Redcar, via the old town of Warrenby (now demolished) and through the steel works that were once known as "Warrenby works".To see photo's of some ships that regularly trade on the River Tees click on the River Tees Shipping button.


This small harbour, called "Paddy's Hole", is used by local  fishermen and is approx. 1/2 mile inside the Tees mouth.

The entrance to "Paddy's Hole", the industrial skyline of Tees-side in the background.

 A small boat heads out to sea as the evening sun shines on the flat water of the Tees. 

Some of the fishermen who have boats in "Paddy's Hole" have  huts
to keep their gear in or just to have some peace and quiet. 

The Tees Pilots' boat returning from a meeting with a ship that is ready to enter the river. Reversing in to the pier. Notice the monster cranes in the background. 

Returning later on as the sun is setting. 

As the sun dips behind the clouds, a ship slides silently into the Tees.

Fifteen minutes later another ship slides in as the sun sinks lower.

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