Whinlatter Pass
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There are toilets, a souvenir shop and a restaurant.

Maps are available in the shop for the childrens "Adventure Trails" and also for all the other  trails/walks around the area. The Whinlatter Pass visitor centre is approx 6 miles from Keswick. Leave Keswick on the A66 heading west for Cockermouth, turn off the A66 at Braithwaite onto the B5292 for Lorton and follow the signs for Whinlatter Pass. 

 The centre is open from 10am most days of the year.
 Call the Recreation Ranger on 01768 778469 for details of opening and activities. 
The Osprey viewing room is in the main building, there are 4 screens, each with a different view.

This stainless steel structure depicting an Osprey can be seen
as you walk from the car park to the visitor centre.

Near the entrance to the visitor centre is this larger than life size badger set
for the children to explore. (Mams and dads too)

This is the exit and the sign is to make sure you don't go in the wrong way and bump into others   inside. That would cause some confusion ! The children's "Adventure Trails" are marked by various coloured signs with animal paw prints on them. The other trails/walks are marked by wooden posts with either red, green, blue or yellow bands around the tops. Different trails that use the same route have multi coloured bands on them. 

The following views can be seen on the "Blue" trail.

A little bit of Keswick and Derwent Water

The hill in the centre is Blencathra

A trickle of a water fall  

from this tranquil pool

This path leads back to the visitor centre...

and so does this one. Ready for a cuppa now.

Keswick is centre right, the A66 in the centre.

A general view of the hills.

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