Yanbu North Sharm
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Dusty, Dave and Frank.

The Sharm is a beautiful lagoon located approx. 6 miles north of Yanbu al-Bahr
on the Red Sea coast and approx.30 miles north of Yanbu al-Sinaiyah.
The Sharm is "Y" shaped and runs approx.5 miles inland from
it's entrance at the Red Sea, a wonderful place to windsurf.
If you can stay within 50 metres of the north shore, the water stays very flat,
even with 25-30 knots of wind and it's fast, fast, fast!!
In the middle of the "pond" though, it does get quiet choppy when it's blowing a " hooley".
Here are just a few pictures, some of them are not as clear as I would of
liked them but it's because they were taken when the sand was " lifting",
either just as a sand storm was starting or when the air was very "gritty".

Frank on a Fanatic Hawk with a 4.6 sq. metre  sail in a steady 25knot wind.

Dennis giving it some "wellie" on the same afternoon. He was on a Bic Slalom board with a 4.6 sq. metre sail.

Dennis with Frank chasing. The hills can just be seen in the background.

Chris (The camera) just hanging on to a  5.5 sq. metre sail at the start of a sand storm that turned into a  real "stinker" and stopped us sailing for the whole afternoon.

Dave (The bull ) coming in for a cuppa.

Rigged up and waiting for the wind. It wasn't windy every day, though we didn't miss many days sailing in the summer..

The land in the distance is approx. 2 nautical miles from where we park our vehicles.

Two pictures of Dave (The bull) doing a carve gybe. (No, he didn't fall off)

Two pictures of Dusty doing a cave gybe. (He didn't fall off either)

Tim (Jack) having a salt water enema................But he made it back to shore for a cuppa.  

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